The human skeletal remains

Fig. 60_Grave (T019), one of the latest graves which may postdate the castrum wall

The data from human skeletal remains is a combination of excavation records in the ARK database, downloadable spreadsheets, and written reports. Explore these materials by selecting one of the links below.

  1. HRU excavation data
  2. Physical anthropology (Francesca Candilio, Samantha Cox, Rowan Brixey)
    • General database (Francesca Candilio, Rowan Brixey, Samantha Cox, Alessandra Cruciani, Amanda James, Filippo Scalisi) Download file
    • Demography Download file
    • Metrics Download file
  3. Isotopic analysis (Erika Nitsch) Download file
  4. Radiocarbon report (Corisande Fenwick)