The finds


The object catalogues are housed in the ARK database. Select one of the links below to search the objects recorded during excavations.

  1. Roman sculpture (Ann Kuttner)
  2. Roman coins (Andrea Di Miceli)
  3. Medieval coins (Marco Bianchi)
  4. Objects — The objects from the excavation were catalogued as they came in from the trenches. Beatrice Cernuta was responsible for the small finds from the winery (Area A/F); Archidio Mariani for the small finds from the cemetery (Area B); Tyler Franconi for those from the castrum (Area B) as well as the querns and weights from the barracks (Area D); Elizabeth Fentress and Ryan Ricciardi for those from the slave barracks (Area D). The author is noted for each individual catalogue entry.
  5. Brick stamps (Seth Bernard)